Rafaello&co and the sacred bracelet

I’m in love with Chris Brown’s Bracelet. I don’t know what grabs my attention more, the fact that the design is so unique and striking or that it is so big. I love the fact that you can see the detail in the carvings. .

the video speaks for itself, but not only do I love Toms style and

plethora of designs but I admire their purpose. I love the fact that they

actually work to help and supply others with the lack of material that

they can’t supply for themselves. April 5th should be taken seriously. It

shouldn’t just be looked at as a regular “fundraising” event. It might

help the people who take things for granted realize that things as

simple as shoes are more like gifts.

Toms has hundreds of different styles, shapes and colors, all for one purpose.

Lady Gaga


hmmmm. . . iris van herpen ... the shoes made me a fan*


needless to say .

i AngelaSimmons

Shoe Game

its just a few.
I'm not her wardrobe stylist, but 9 times out of 10, when paparazzi snaps a shot of her her feet are well dressed!

D&G Fall ...WInter ...2011- 12


my first post from On Sugar .. lol

In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
Theres nothing you can’t do,

- Hometown Glory . I miss My city . You never really appreciate things until their gone -TRUE. although New York didn't go anywhere , i sure did. I feel like i left my life, although its not like its impossible for me to go back , being all the way in FLORIDA has just been one hell of an experience. . Moving out, Living on your own , new friends , New city , New state , New way of life takes its tole on a seventeenyear old .. maybe if i was older and an experienced driver, my experience wouldn't be so sour. but since it is what it is i really don't feel like my purpose has a strong leg to stand on. i feel like I'm alone , even though i am , i know I'm really not .. family and friends are still there. just Oh so far away .......


All You Can Eat Wing Night & Pool !!!

Wing Night was fun w/ David & Racheal ! On Tuesdays this pace called "Gators" has an unlimited wing special so we took advantage of the deal !
they had about 13 different flavors and I tried about 5 of them ......
some were delishh , & others were ohkay ... but the spicy ones weren't even that spicy :( && that pissed me off because I live for spicy foods ! . *