haven't updated in a while ! Ive been having a lot of fun with mommy while shes down here in Orlando visiting Me ! :)


I do everything I want to. Last night was somethin' i wish i knew
You hate all the games that I put you through.
I ain't gonna change, Nah I ain't gonna change for you
I'm a smart dude i'm tryin get my learn on. You got your girls and they all fine lets go get our burn on
I love the way i'm feelin' single searchin for the evenin
You can spend the night if you don't plan on us both sleepin

shoutouts to Joey Gigz & Laur ! <3

Im up early and excited ! my mommy is on the plane on her way to Florida to come & stay with me !! shes taking a little break and getting me more acquainted with my new home. I love and have missed her. Cant wait til her plane lands !

This should be a a fun filled experience


So one of my close friends Tye, put me on to an exceptional artist by the name of B.Denise. He sent me her work via Email & I was totally astonished! She mixes New & old school so well and creates images and scenes that are breathtaking to a diversity loving eye.


It’s kind of a coincidence that I came across this image when in fact today in my anthropology class I learned that humans and chimpanzees DNA share 98% of the same elements! That shocked me. I knew that “they” always said that humans and chimps were alike in many ways, but sheeesh !


I Spy

I came across these Siwy Black Sequin Trouser Pants and realized that they are definitely the match to this fitted dress I brought from a boutique in Soho,NYC late December of 2010.