Braids .

Imma die with the AKA : “ Bri W/ The BIGHAIR “
But I did try something new . . (:
I got Box braids because I missed them !
All I kept hearing was
“ Box braids are played out”
“ Those are for little girls” . . . “ MADDD ghetto & dirty” & a million & one Ignorant comments !
BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT . . . If I like something . . Im going to get it !
& once they were here I got nothing but compliments from the doubters ! Lol
They were astonished to say the leasttt . . & I wanted them for a veryyy long time ! wasnt going to wait for others to approve !

1 comment:

  1. I luvvvvvvv them! I think I'm going to get some in like July.. I stay getting braids styles. I need to let my hair breathe for a month or two! I'm jelly. Fck whatttt everybody else gotta say, they're fabulouuus.